The 3 Key Ingredients in Delivering Winning Visitor Engagement

There’s a reason you choose to exhibit, the sole focus is to deliver a return on investment by capturing the attention of your attendees through positive and memorable interactions. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

Did you know there’s actually a winning formula for successful visitor engagement? And, in order to deliver that ROI you need to be able to combine these three key components together successfully. So, what are they?

In order to gain winning visitor engagement, you need to combine the following three key factors:

1. A Clear and Consistent Message

Now is your chance to differentiate yourself from your competition. An event or tradeshow provides a fantastic platform to present your products and/or services on the show floor. But you needn’t give long explanations, in fact, this is best avoided. Instead, aim to display a clear and consistent message throughout.

By doing so, you’re simplifying the absorption of information for the visitor and breaking things down into sizeable chunks, helping to make complex facts or products easier to understand. A straightforward stand that gives the right message can significantly help to create instant interest and generate new leads. If the message is punchy and relevant, it can help to draw attention from tradeshow and event visitors while creating a long lasting impression.

In other words, overstimulating your visitors with too much information or inconsistent messages will only work against you. People don’t like to be unnecessarily confused, especially when they only have seconds to assess each stand and its relevance to them. No matter on the size of your stand, keep your focus on what you most want your visitors to notice and ultimately, keep things clear and consistent.

2. A Well-Rehearsed Approach

You have merely a matter of seconds to address visitors who stop at your stand, so it’s crucial to be prepared. In order to know where to take conversations with visitors, think about conversation openers and prompts and then practice them. If you find one to be unsuccessful, move onto the next, then stick to using the phrases that prove most successful.

In order to engage with more visitors, your stage team will need to be pre-emptive and not leave any detail to chance, so consider what happens once you get a stop… Is the next step to show them a product simulation or video demonstration? How are you going to record visitor questions, requests and contact details? What information do you need to obtain from each visitor that you talk to? Each of these details needs to be figured out before you arrive at the venue.

3. A Briefed and Prepared Team

Your event team are your brand ambassadors, so pick wisely and brief them well. Define the goals, explain procedures and manage your team whether there’s simply you and one other person to consider or twenty people.

Team chats, phone calls and eating on the stand are a definite no-no. Yet competition, fun and salesmanship should be encouraged. There needs to be a good morale on the stand as this will encourage visitors to feel at ease in their approach.

With conversation openers at the ready, lots of happy faces and a swell of enthusiasm, your company’s temporary HQ will be an eye-catching and appealing stand to passing visitors no matter where in the world it happens to be.

Need Help Engaging your Audience?

Now is the time to make a start on your visitor engagement strategy for the shows ahead. Get prepared, get inspired and most importantly, get engaged with your own plan for generating more conversations and more meaningful sales leads from each show you plan to exhibit at.

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