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Modular Buildings including Additional Classrooms

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Exciting Update – Introducing Our Innovative Modular Classroom Solutions, Featured on ITV News!

Embrace the future of learning environments with our state-of-the-art Modular Classrooms, designed to foster a safe and dynamic educational experience for all students.

At Sovereign, we specialise in creating versatile spaces for education, including Permanent, Temporary, Mobile, and Modular Buildings, seamlessly integrated into school grounds. Our designs prioritise maximising student-to-teacher engagement in a spacious setting, enhancing the educational journey.

Our Modular Buildings are crafted to support an enriched learning atmosphere, boasting expanded classroom spaces that ensure optimal student-teacher interaction. Key features include enhanced ventilation, hand sanitisation stations, and strategically arranged desks, all contributing to a secure and focused learning environment. This approach not only safeguards the well-being of students and teachers but also reignites the passion for learning.

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As seen on ITV

Key Features:

  • Optimize classroom occupancy with space for up to 32 students, ensuring comfortable desk arrangements.
  • Surfaces designed for easy cleaning, durability, and a visually appealing aesthetic.
  • Effortlessly installed on any field or playground using a Landrover, ready for use in just one day.

Additional Information:

  • Our Modular Classrooms are fully customisable to meet your unique needs.
  • Available in various sizes and finishes.
  • Suitable for both temporary and permanent solutions.
  • These versatile structures can be repurposed, relocated, or resold, offering long-term value.
  • Financing options are available to support your goals.*


  • Classroom
  • Canteen
  • Science Lab
  • Changing Room
  • Toilet Block
  • Common Room


  • Offices
  • Nursery Building
  • Woodland Classroom
  • Staff Room
  • Meeting Room
  • As well as Park Homes and Holiday Homes… 

Temp Cabin classroom

Vincent McCullagh, Managing Director of Sovereign, said the company’s skills and experience meant it took just three weeks from conception to producing a fully workable model, and the firm could produce 40 a week.

He said: “My wife and I have three children and we run a company – so we are fully aware of how hard it is to juggle education and working and there is no question that it will be hard for the economy to recover until children are fully back to school.

“We have been designing and creating temporary buildings for almost 20 years so we are in a position to try to make that process easier for education authorities and teachers.

“It took us just three weeks to design and build the first classroom and we felt it was imperative to have a fully working model for people to experience and the reaction has been extremely encouraging.

“The classroom meets all the relevant Covid-19 safety standards.  It features hard floors and fixed desks as well as full heating and ventilation and can be connected to the mains power so is far more suitable than other solutions such as marquees and containers.

“In fact, several people have commented that it is far better suited to modern education than many of the permanent classrooms being used!”


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