5 Exciting Exhibition Ideas for 2017

When you consider the sheer amount of effort put into planning your exhibition, you’ll want to ensure a significant number of people visit your stand and engage with your brand. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 effective exhibition ideas worth implementing. Not only will they help to grasp the attention of passers-by, they’ll also help you to generate lots of leads…

Publicise, Publicise, Publicise

As with all events, you need to start your journey somewhere and what better way to start than with an invite? By sending invitations to those who you’d like to visit your exhibit, you won’t solely be relying on passers-by at the event.

Even the most inspiring exhibition stands mean relying on unfamiliar attendees, yet by publicising your presence at the event prior to it taking place, you stand a good chance of boosting your audience and attracting more activity and more prospects.

Get people thinking about you and give them a taster of what you are going to be exhibiting with an informative yet snappy invite, just make sure that your branding is consistent throughout.

Engage Potential Leads

The more engaging your stand is, the more likely you are to attract passers-by. Audiences like to interact. Generally speaking, the more engaging your stand is, the better the outcome.

Bring potential leads to your stand with the use of a live social media wall, thought-provoking statements; interactive games; or a challenge that your guests can solve. Such factors will ensure people attending the event will remember you for all the right reasons.

Everyone Loves a Giveaway

There’s no point in denying that everybody loves a freebie and giveaways are all about freebies! That said, you don’t want to be giving away valuable goods without gaining some recognition. It’s therefore important to ensure your branding is just right. Giving away free prizes that do not reflect your branding or have the potential to collect valuable contacts is pointless.

Let’s Get Digital

Incorporating digital elements into your stand is a great way of leaping headfirst into today’s technology. Just try to make sure you are 100% prepped when doing so. Technical glitches and ill-prepared technology can clear a crowd quicker than you can say, “Bear with me”.

Combining a few digital factors with traditional ones can create a good balance, whilst also demonstrating that your business hasn’t just stepped out of the dark ages. Why not give the following a try?

  • An impressive light display
  • Information people can download to their smartphones
  • Interactivity with your website and/or downloading your app
  • Incorporating touch screens with interactive effects

Step Outside of the Box

Exhibiting is all about coming out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to feel confined to the standard 4 walls that so many exhibitors exemplify. Step outside of the box and show off your business with a point of attraction to your stand. By doing so, you can help take your visitors on a journey.

Think about the most appealing features of your business, what makes you different to others, what do your customers want to see? By including these features within your display you can help to make your stand more memorable to those who visit.

A key rule to remember when making exhibiting decisions is to always make sure your branding is consistent, particularly when aimed at generating and engaging with new prospects. Good luck!