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Achieving Maximum ROI from your Event by Choosing the Right One

When it comes to exhibiting, you can’t really go wrong… not only are you getting your name out there, you’re increasing your chances of finding new business whilst raising brand awareness too.

In order to achieve maximum return on investment, choosing the right event to exhibit is a must. So how do you know which events are the right events for your business?

We’ve put together 4 helpful tips to get you started so you can add value to your company, generate high quality leads and achieve maximum ROI.

1. Define your Objectives

First things first, you need to establish your intent by clearly defining your objectives and strategy. This is best achieved by considering what it is you want to accomplish by attending the event, this could be anything from building brand awareness to increasing leads and sales, and strengthening relations with clients to launching a new product or service.

2. Do your Research

We recommend that you list each of the well-known (and not so well-known) events there are to attend. The next step is to consider your target audience, and from there work out which shows are most suited to your business. Once you have a few options in mind, aim to find out more about each event including show statistics and demographics as well as a list of previous year’s participants and attendee numbers. Also, aim to find out which events your competitors attend as these could also be strong contenders.

Next, put your investigative skills into play and try to attend the show in person prior to exhibiting. By walking the show floor and talking to trade show exhibitors, this can help you to get a real feel for the event and determine whether it’s the right one for your business.

Finally, take a look into how well the event has been publicised in the past. If you are familiar with other businesses who have attended in the past, reach out to them to ask about their experience.

3. Establish a Budget

Exhibitions can be incredibly beneficial to your business, participating however does mean investing time and money. In terms of your budget, you will need to consider; registration fees, renting exhibit space, your exhibition display, event services, travel and expenses, and promotional materials. Just remember, by doing so, you can achieve a maximum return on your investment.

4. Consider your Audience

It’s important to ensure your exhibit traffic aligns with your target audience, so when deciding which shows to attend, consider who specifically you are targeting.

Look into what percentage of attendees fit your customer profile and discover what percentage of your top prospects and current clients plan to attend. The exhibition production company should be able to provide these statistics.

Some of your key buyers may regularly attend smaller shows that are not industry specific so don’t assume that they’re only attending the big industry events. Remember that local events are a great opportunity to gain exposure and they will often give you a bigger return on investment.

Achieve Maximum ROI

For more information on achieving maximum return on investment when exhibiting, contact our friendly team at Sovereign Exhibitions today.