Avoid Disaster Striking at your Event with our 5 Effective Strategies

When it comes to live events, you cannot begin to envisage the unknown after all it’s out of your control. Events are hard to predict, you never know what curveballs may be thrown into the works. This means, there’s always the chance that things could go wrong, or horribly wrong, so the general consensus is that at some point they probably will, so you need a back-up plan.

Challenges of all shapes and sizes are inevitable and cannot necessarily be avoided, from trivial hiccups to full blown disasters for even the most experienced event management professionals. The issue is that there’s nothing more frustrating than a well-planned event that suddenly unravels in front of a room full of potential clients.

It’s no fun being left accountable for an event when it goes utterly wrong, but live events are predictably unpredictable, so without putting your telepathy skills into practise, how can you avoid the unforeseen problems and prevent your event from derailing in front of your very eyes?

Put the Following Strategies In Place to Avoid Future Event Pitfalls…

  1. Be Sure to Have a Back-up

Anything can happen, so having a contingency plan in place for worst case scenarios can help ensure you’re as much in control as you can be. It’s no use waiting for something to go wrong before you think of a resolve. It’s time to take action…

Think of a strategy to help manage potential problems that could arise. The best way to consider potential risks is to think of previous problems you have encountered at past events.

Once you’ve created a list of potential risks, i.e. things that can go wrong, think of a contingency for each. By having a well thought out plan in place, you’re sure to feel more at ease should an issue arise.

  1. Do you Have the Right Resources?

You know how the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. At Sovereign we know all too well that events planned with little resource and poor organisation only result in more work and stress in the long run.

Be sure to have the resource in place to help get your event back on track should the worst happen. Having the right resources will help; the right staff, audio-visual support, promotional materials, catering etc. just don’t forget the back-ups for each.

  1. Imagine You Are the Unluckiest Person Alive

In most instances, you’re taught not to think the worst; it’s a negative mindset to have… Yet, when it comes to event planning… it’s best to think the worst! Imagine every little thing can go wrong. Consider health and safety issues, such as someone tripping over your banner stand, how could this be avoided? Consider your promotional materials, such as a spelling error on the front page of your leaflets, how could this be played down? Make a list of potential disasters and think of resolutions for each to limit your chances of things going horribly wrong, and remember; think the worst!

  1. Communication is Key

By keeping everyone informed, you can remain in control should a problem arise. It’s all too tempting to keep quiet and pretend everything is fine while you try to fix it. This can possibly be done when it comes to minor problems, but if it’s more of a huge disaster, the chances are your audience is already aware. So, communicating the problem with participants is a far better way to deal with the issue.

  1. Work with a Professional Agency

By choosing a professional agency that understands the requirements of an event and the potential dangers – because they have seen it all before – you can save yourself a lot of stress and stop mistakes in their tracks. An agency can deliver contingencies and additional resources should the worst happen.

Don’t Panic!

This is all sounds particularly daunting, but rest assured, we’re here to help! Sovereign won’t just build your stands for you; we’ll help guide you through the processes so you know exactly what to expect, to in-turn make your event a thriving success.