The benefits of exhibition marketing

Splitting your marketing budget across activities can be a difficult task. Weighing up the pros and cons of each channel is tough, especially when gaining leads is the priority. This is often when cost comes into play and when event marketing is written off with the perceived costs of showcasing being too high. Although taking a stand at an exhibition isn’t the cheapest channel your business could choose, for many it is the best route for success and will provide sales teams with a great list of relevant names to get in touch with.

Understand the benefits of exhibition marketing

Hit the target

Exhibition marketing is a great way of reaching a relevant and engaged target market – visitors have created time in their schedule to be there, after all. There’s no paying for adverts that get shown to a broad audience, the majority of which aren’t on your prospect list.

Gain feedback

Tradeshows and exhibitions are the perfect place to gain feedback on your products and/or services from the people you are trying to sell to. Gain insight into why they would or wouldn’t buy from you and adapt pitches and products accordingly – this personal feedback is something you can’t get from digital activities.

The personal approach

Face-to-face meetings are, by far, the best way to start a new relationship. People connect with people and event marketing will give you the chance to impress possible customers with your expert team.

Boost awareness and make new friends

Boost your presence and brand profile by taking a stand, advertising before, during and after the show and considering event sponsorship. The more people who know you are going to the show and understand your involvement in the event, the more people your team will get to see you face to face. Having plenty of industry connections is never a bad thing!

Catch up with old friends

There’s also the chance to catch up with old friends, existing clients, suppliers and competition. You can keep up to date with what everyone else is offering whilst cementing relations. Brand awareness is great, but reminding those you already know about what you have to offer is never a bad idea.

Launch new products

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great place to launch a new product or service to market. Your team will be able to explain and demonstrate products and can answer questions straight away. Build the hype prior to the event and see your visitor numbers sky rocket!

This is likely to be a tactic your competition will employ so attending events will likely give you the heads-up on industry movers.

Options to seal the deal

If your prospects are at the show, then their sole focus will be on finding what you have to offer making an exhibition the perfect place to seal the deal. Meeting your expert team face to face and being able to make direct comparisons between you and your competition could be what brings them over the line.

Leave a lasting impression

If you aren’t able to seal the deal at the event be sure to leave a lasting impression! A bold and striking stand is the perfect way to be remembered – show creativity, demonstrate innovation and most importantly be better than the competition.

If you’d like help designing and building an event stand, get in touch.