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Capturing Leads on the Show Floor, What’s the Best Way?

Attracting their Attention…

First things first, in order to capture quality leads on the show floor you need to make a good first impression to attract potential prospects to your stand. Creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stand is vital to standing out at an exhibition, and consequently to creating a strong impression and capturing leads.

While you’ve heard it countless times, first impressions really do count when it comes to attracting business traffic. Even though your organisation may have first-class products and services, poor visual appeal can steer potential customers away from you and into the hands of the competition.

So, how do you keep customers interested long enough to convert them into qualified sales leads? Here we discuss the best capture tools and solutions for tradeshow exhibitors, to persuade those potential customers to sign on the dotted line.

5 Great Ways to Capture Customer Leads:

• Plan your Lead Capture Strategy

Providing an incentive to your potential prospects in order to gain their contact information seems like a simple concept, but it’s often overlooked… the more original and creative the incentive, the better.

For example, customers like receiving freebies, so why not set up a prize giveaway, free food and drinks or have some notable freebies for clients to stop by and collect, and ideally remember you by.

You may be exhibiting to promote a new product, so why not tempt prospects to your stand with product demos or testers of your products for client to try out, in a casual, comfortable way, so as not to scare them away.

No matter on the incentive you choose, take to social media to spread the word. If you have some fantastic freebies on offer, you should be letting everyone know, be it on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or ideally, all three.

• Apply Engagement Techniques

Some visitors can be wary of stopping at exhibition stands for fear of being stuck with a salesperson that won’t let them escape, or get a word in edgeways. Therefore, be mindful to listen before you speak. Let visitors choose to engage with you, and if your charming smile doesn’t win them over at first, then allow your capture strategy to take full effect.

Whether it is your comfortable seating area, the freebies you provide, the food and drink on offer, or simply the fact that you’re offering a retreat for visitors from other exhibitors, providing an innovative and engaging space can provide a perfect opportunity to capture the interest of your prospect.

Consider that your competition at the event will all be striving to poach potential prospects, so those added engagement techniques will give you the upper hand. Also, an effective way to entice people to your stand is by focusing on what your competitors aren’t doing. So, if they’re gregarious and imposing, put your focus into being small and comfortable.

• Use the Right Software for You

Ultimately, generating sales leads at trade shows is the crucial success factor for exhibitors. But first things first, you need to choose the right software for your business.

Be it mobile badge scanners with lead qualification tools, attendee mobile apps, lead retrieval systems and so on. It’s essential to have software that can be fully integrated into your CRM tools be it Salesforce, Pipedrive etc.

It’s also important the lead form is customisable in terms of fields, contact details, priority, sales potential etc. Lastly, it’s worth considering if the tool you’ve chosen to assist your business offers automatic follow-up procedures, like setting reminders, sending follow-up emails etc.

• Try Out New Technologies

Yellobox is a perfect example of new and exciting technology that enables event exhibitors and attendees to swap contact information, distribute digital content and prioritise leads without the need for an app, Bluetooth or beacons. Look out for events that use this type of technology, as it’s a real aid when concerning the capturing of new leads.

Making use of an events lead capture tool not also makes it easier for attendees to collect information about your exhibit; it means you can walk away from your event with an orderly stack of qualified leads, instantly ready for your post-show marketing campaigns. All in all, it’s a win-win.

• Follow Up your Leads

Once you captured your leads, following up is the next crucial step to making it all worth the while. Don’t let those connections slip away from you. Send out an email, make a phone call or connect on social media and ideally, do so promptly. It shouldn’t take a lot to get the wheels in motion, and by following up, you will be remembered by the prospect long after the exhibition ends.

Get Help Gaining Lead Capture at Events

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