Tradeshow giveaways – more than a branded pen

Picking a tradeshow giveaway that is useful for attendees but also links back to you and your proposition can be a real headache for event organisers. The right tradeshow giveaway can draw people on to your stand and help generate leads as well as support your marketing messages.

We’ve found more practical giveaways that offer value to your visitors are better at leaving a long-term impact. There are the obvious options like pens, lip balms and breath mints but there are more innovative approaches to consider. Here’s a selection of our favourite new and fun tradeshow giveaway ideas:

Reusable water bottles

There is no denying the growth in the number of people looking to do their bit and reduce pollution. Offering branded steel bottles is a brilliant way of staying on trend whilst drawing positive attention to your company! They are useful to attendees and their long lifespans mean they can be used long after the show has finished therefore keeping your brand top of mind. If you don’t manage to giveaway all at the show, they double up as brilliant office gifts.

Metal straws

Like the reusable bottles, reusable straws are growing in popularity and are brilliant eco-friendly giveaways at shows. They are small and fairly inexpensive to buy and giveaway and are likely to have more of a lasting impact due to their reusable nature.

Phone grips

Phone grips like PopSockets or Spigen Style Rings allow you to provide a useful tool for everyday phone usage that can be customised with company logos and colours. These multiuse mobile accessories are a must have for any phone addict. Leveraging full colour printing will make this branded item a worthwhile giveaway.

Phone wallets

Sticking with phone accessories, a smartphone wallet offers your visitors a handy accessory that can be easily branded using colour matching and adding a company logo or strapline. These are super helpful space-savers that are cost-effective and inexpensive to produce.

USB chargers

Just because attendees are at the show that doesn’t mean they’ve switched off from the office. Constant communication can take its toll on a phone’s battery life, so providing a branded USB charger can get those panicked visitors back online. These portable giveaways are brilliant for travel and stay away shows… you could be a lifesaver to those who forgot to pack a charger! The useful nature means they will be easy to giveaway and be great at drawing in stand visitors.

Audio devices

For those looking for something a bit more luxurious, a Bluetooth speaker or set of headphones add that little bit extra to a tradeshow giveaway. These can be reserved for “VIP” clients or visitors but would also lend themselves to an event competition prize and are great incentives for better quality prospects to engage with your team. Not everyone brings headphones with them to tradeshows so a promotional pair could be a blessing for a music lover. Ensure they come with a branded box though, to be certain you can be linked back to the item after the event.

Whatever you choose as your event giveaway, it should be aligned with your brand and include your logo and colours. No matter how cool the giveaway item is, you will miss out on exposure if it can’t be immediately linked back to your company.

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