Reasons to use your budget to work with a professional exhibition stand builder

Exhibiting your business at a conference or event is an important part of your sales and marketing strategy. It may be the first time that many of the visitors to the event have seen or heard about your brand, so first impressions are hugely important. When you’re planning your exhibitions, and looking at where you can spend and save your marketing budget, it can be tempting to save the bulk of the budget for the biggest and busiest events, leaving less in the pot for your stand design. However, proper stand design will pay for itself when it comes to attracting the right people and keeping them with you during the event. If you scrimp and save, it will show and you may not get the footfall to the stand that you’d hope and your visitors may not feel so sure that they’re investing in a quality product or service if they engage with your brand.

Stability and safety

Some exhibitions and conferences will get very busy. There’ll be plenty of people walking past your stand, and your staff will need to dart in and out to service visitors. If you’ve made the mistake of taking a few cheap roller banners to an event before or a floppy pop up display stand or folding tables, you’ll know the perils of tripping over them, them collapsing and tipping over! It’s not worth the risk or embarrassment. When we build displays for our customers we know what will keep your stand and your customers safe for the entirety of the event. We use hardwearing, practical materials and professional staff to build our stands and because we have talented carpenters and our own steelworkers, we can build any shape or size to give your stand the wow factor.

An eye for good design and lighting

An experienced exhibition stand designer knows which colours translate well in large format and work well together on a stand, where to put the signage, where best to put the power points, whether to have a ceiling or not. Conference halls are huge spaces packed full of stands, so you need to find a way to help customers find yours with good signage and contrasting colours. We will help you ensure your signs are in the right position for maximum benefit, and to make sure your stand is appropriately lit to highlight your brand name and product displays.

Proper product placement can improve sales

Clever stand design can position your products at exactly the right height and angles to ensure maximum visibility and to allow your customers to explore and discover how things work. The right display can really bring a product to life; like creating a comfy lounge space for selling sofas for example, or a play space for toys to be tested. A custom-built exhibition stand can include the right style and shape of shelves, racks, hanging spaces, stands and pedestals to show your products at their best. We can also ensure that you have enough room to display your POS material – posters, table talkers, iPads etc.

Built-in storage for extra stock and marketing collateral

There’s nothing worse than having to pile your empty storage boxes and spare stock, brochures and flyers under the table, giving the lumpy tablecloth effect and causing tripping hazards. We can create clever storage solutions for your stand – your home from home for the week – and even incorporate coat hooks, changing areas and kitchen areas to help your customers relax at your stand too.

For more information about the extras you can include in your stand, contact our sales team for some ideas for your next exhibition.