Exhibition Marketing Tips

How your business can help create a more sustainable exhibition and events industry  

Climate Change is a hot topic this year, and we all need to do our bit on a personal and a business level. Every small change that one person or business makes that is a positive step towards protecting the environment, or doing less damage to it, adds up. A million businesses making one tiny […]

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Exhibition stand colour picker

Exhibition Stand Design – Can colour affect your success?

Have you ever considered the effect colours can have on your mind? Was this a consideration when your company chose its latest branding? In the marketing world there have been many studies into the psychology of colour and how it can help evoke different emotions towards a brand, and even down to the colour of […]

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Reasons to use your budget to work with a professional exhibition stand builder

Exhibiting your business at a conference or event is an important part of your sales and marketing strategy. It may be the first time that many of the visitors to the event have seen or heard about your brand, so first impressions are hugely important. When you’re planning your exhibitions, and looking at where you […]

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