Hottest Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Exhibiting

New trends in technology combined with innovative ideas mean exhibitions are evolving fast. But what are the new tech trends to look out for? Many new technological advancements are already available to help visitors engage (such as the interactive use of apps on the show floor) but in this post we’re going to take a look at the hottest new trends in developing technology and consider what event tech might look like in the future.

What’s Around the Technology Corner?

Not only are the new capabilities of smart phones, such as intuitive software, making this universal device an imperative tool for future tech trends, virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification are too playing an important part in the digital transformation of events…

The Future of Apps

As a personal tool, the prevalent use of smartphones offer exhibitors and show organisers increased opportunities to communicate with and engage their communities and attendees. Event attendees can network, capture experiences at the exhibition and get in touch with other attendees all via an App, helping to increase user engagement on the show floor and engagement overall.
Using the right App can not only increase engagement and enrich the user’s on-site experience, but can help to make it more interactive.


Gamification can also make your exhibiting experience more interactive by taking the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players, and applying them to your stand. What’s more, gamification allows you to measure engagement directly, whilst making things fun for the user.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t something just associated with gaming, it can now help to bring your stand into the realms of the digital future, helping to take Apps and gamification to the next level. VR enables you to modernise exhibiting by immersing your visitors into a brand experience through VR headsets.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is similar to VR, as it also has the ability to alter your perception of the world however VR is more immersive. AR, on the other hand, provides more freedom for the user and more possibilities for exhibitors. It takes the current reality and adds something to it by augmenting the user’s current state of presence, usually via AR glasses.
The idea is that AR glasses connect to smart phones and PCs via WiFi and replace the screen of those devices. They work by bringing your brand alive and taking your audience outside of the exhibition experience, making your brand more memorable for the user.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is nothing new, but interacting with it is. With more platforms enabling live offerings, from Facebook to Instagram to Periscope, the opportunities for exhibitors are immense. Just bear in mind that your live streaming needs to fit in with your brand story and experience in order to be relevant and engaging.

A More Personal User Experience

It’s not only about having industry experts, thought leaders and keynote speakers at your event, it’s about having the right content that engages with each of your attendees by incorporating more tech, social and experiential elements.

An interesting thought and one that holds a lot of truth for the future of exhibiting is that everything in the future will be driven by the wants of the attendees rather than the exhibitors themselves.

Thankfully, it’s now possible to tailor many aspects of an exhibition to each attendee. This lets your visitors focus on the elements of the event that interest them, creating a better attendee-led experience every time, and gearing the experience around the user’s own wants and needs.

What’s Next?

New technology and technology applications are projected to increase dramatically in the events industry over the next few years. The rise in technology and increase in data capture will be key drivers in how the exhibition industry responds to it.

Using this data means gaining a better understanding of your changing customer needs. And as technology gets smarter, capturing and using this data will become simpler, providing you with better scope to give your visitors exactly what they want.