Making a small space work for your tradeshow activity

Small doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to your tradeshow booth design. Done well, small spaces can create better visitor journeys then you’d think! Shell scheme stands give you well defined wall space to add content without feeling too intrusive and the added height helps create impact.

Here are a few more ideas of what can be included to make the most of your limited space:


When you have smaller spaces, it can be tough to make the same impact of those with bigger budgets and more room to play with. Using big, bold graphics will help cover wall space and ensure you stand out and get noticed amongst a sea of text heavy designs.

Interactive elements

If you’ve got a space only stand, why not make the most of it and try an indoor garden, tipi or other immersive experiences. These less traditional stands are memorable and often see better traffic due to their creativity and innovation.

Product demos

Small exhibition stands naturally lend themselves to one-to-one or small group product demos where you can show off your products to a small, interested audience. If you’ve got room for two chairs, try a speed-dating type approach, this will give you 5-10 minutes with each visitor and the opportunity to thoroughly answer any questions they may have.

Video displays

Using a tv monitor will conserve floor space and by allowing you to share multiple messages on a loop without needing room for banners, leaflets and staff. Videos will capture people’s attention and result in your message spreading further whilst being generally more memorable. More than one person can learn about you at any one time, saving you sales reps!


Roller banners and pop-ups are a very cost-effective way of displaying information without taking up lots of space. They are quick to assemble and reusable, so they can be taken from event to event with ease.

360 degree stands

If it’s possible to remove walls and open your stand up, give it a try! Not only will you be seen from around the room, but you’ll be easily accessible too. Open plan styles will allow you to display content centrally and differentiate yourself from others using a more traditional approach. This is likely to need approval from event organisers and will require careful position planning.

For more inspiration we’d recommend looking to retail stands in stores and shops, especially from the beauty and tech industries. They understand how to sell big ideas from small spaces and are a brilliant place to inspire creativity. You don’t need to have the biggest and best booth to make an impact, use colour, lights and a few feature elements to stand out from the crowd. If you’d like help designing and building a bijoux space, get in touch.