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The 3 Key Ingredients in Delivering Winning Visitor Engagement

There’s a reason you choose to exhibit, the sole focus is to deliver a return on investment by capturing the attention of your attendees through positive and memorable interactions. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Did you know there’s actually a winning formula for successful visitor engagement? And, in order to deliver that ROI you need to […]

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Around the World In 40 Stands

2017 was a very busy year and saw us travel extensively, designing and building highly creative exhibition stands, installations and events all over the globe. During the last 12 months, we travelled to 12 countries and visited 40 different venues. In fact, our total travel exceeded 45,000 miles – almost twice the distance of travelling […]

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Capturing Leads on the Show Floor, What’s the Best Way?

Attracting their Attention… First things first, in order to capture quality leads on the show floor you need to make a good first impression to attract potential prospects to your stand. Creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stand is vital to standing out at an exhibition, and consequently to creating a strong impression and capturing […]

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How Best to Follow-Up Your Event Leads

Event-based marketing (EBM) is a popular tool for many businesses, but did you know… the majority of leads (up to 62%) are not followed-up by company representatives after an event? Unfortunately, a lack of organising for what comes next after your marketing event often results in the loss of potential leads. EBM provides a more […]

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Achieving Maximum ROI from your Event by Choosing the Right One

When it comes to exhibiting, you can’t really go wrong… not only are you getting your name out there, you’re increasing your chances of finding new business whilst raising brand awareness too. In order to achieve maximum return on investment, choosing the right event to exhibit is a must. So how do you know which […]

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