Our Favourite Event Stands from Last Year

Measuring Exhibition Success The intricate planning of an exhibition takes a significant amount of time and effort. At Sovereign Exhibitions we put our focus into delivering superior and successful event solutions so you don’t have to. We are dedicated to eliminating the pressure of exhibiting from your shoulders, so you can ensure your time is […]

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Hottest Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Exhibiting

New trends in technology combined with innovative ideas mean exhibitions are evolving fast. But what are the new tech trends to look out for? Many new technological advancements are already available to help visitors engage (such as the interactive use of apps on the show floor) but in this post we’re going to take a […]

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5 Exciting Exhibition Ideas for 2017

When you consider the sheer amount of effort put into planning your exhibition, you’ll want to ensure a significant number of people visit your stand and engage with your brand. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 effective exhibition ideas worth implementing. Not only will they help to grasp the attention of passers-by, they’ll […]

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Avoid Disaster Striking at your Event with our 5 Effective Strategies

When it comes to live events, you cannot begin to envisage the unknown after all it’s out of your control. Events are hard to predict, you never know what curveballs may be thrown into the works. This means, there’s always the chance that things could go wrong, or horribly wrong, so the general consensus is […]

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Exhibiting is back. Take your business offline.

Never underestimate the power of exhibiting, especially now in this digital age. With so many companies operating their businesses online, exhibitions now provide the added novelty, enabling you to meet potential customers face-to-face. Exhibiting is more important than ever. Companies like yours are putting more time and money into exhibiting than they have ever done […]

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5 ways to STAND out from the crowd

While, previously, exhibitions were a great way to escape from day-to-day meetings, admin, and office based tasks, today all attendance must be justified. It’s no longer enough for exhibitors just to show up to one of the 1.3 million business events held across the UK every year with an average-looking pop-up stand and hope for […]

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